京のキー The 30 List

The 30 List

I just shaved for the first time this month, and under all that lazy beard was the same Rhod! I've not somehow transformed into a more responsible and respectable version of myself, despite hitting that social milestone of 30 years of age last week. So... goodbye the 20s. Time for a look back at all that they gave to me. Click the jump for my list...

Friends! Amazing friends spread out all over The World. I have the best friends, and being in Japan I've learded that even if we haven't spoken for years, one message can spark a neglected friendship back up to full power. I'm stretching that confidence a bit this week, of course, by missing one of my bestest friends' wedding back in the UK. :(

Love! I've had loads of it, got loads of it, given loads of it. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster at times, but that's all as it should be, right? I spent more of my 20s in solid relationships than out of them, with the most solid one ongoing (we'd like to think, forever), so let's chalk that up as a big 'WIN'

Work! I never take for granted my incredible luck when it comes to work. I've worked hard, and taken a few huge risks, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who have done similar but not ended up exceeding all their expectations for work success. Seriously, if you'd have told a 20 year old me that as I turned 30 I'd have already made games with Peter Molyneux and Shigeru Miyamoto, well, it'd have been a tough sell. By far the greatest thing about work, though, has been the people I've had the pleasure to meet. Some people stand out as life-changing role models, and those people gave me invaluable advice.

Death! It's a source of some regret that, now I have all this cool work stuff to talk about, the person who encouraged my obsessions the most isn't here to see how they're paying off. Losing my Dad just as I left my teens was horrible, and even now when I get good news, he's still the first person I want to call. I choose to imagine in those situations, that he'd have been typically reserved in his response, allowing me to bask in happiness whilst still playing down the whole thing. Whenever I'm thought of as flippant and dismissive, it's Dad that I owe it to!

Games! Making, playing, reading about... it's undeniable that my 20s were, just as my 30s look to be, dominated by computer games. No bad thing, either, seeing as they make me happy, but they have of course helped with the next point...

Debt! I wouldn't be a good member of my generation if I hadn't done the 'living beyond my means' thing for a while back there. It's all back on track nowadays, and I'm settled enough to be improving at a fairly good rate. But still, the 20s were not perfect in the money department by any means.

Japan! First brought here at 23, back at 25, and came back again at 28. There's something about Japan that keeps me here even when the vast majority of my amazing friends are back in the UK moving their lives on without me... My Japanese language skills are still a little shameful when I consider that I'm approaching 3 solid years here, but I can hold my own in business meetings, so GO ME! Another win.

30 years old, and stlll pulling the same face poses in photos…
Rhod - 19 05 07 - 00:41

rob (Email) - 22 05 07 - 04:20 works! Hope you had a lovely birthday day day day day, wish I coulda been there to share it :( big love from R, L and little ‘o’. xx
rob (Email) - 22 05 07 - 04:21

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