京のキー The faces of Tomomi

The faces of Tomomi

I went to coffee with Tomomi today for a catch-up chat. It has been far too long since last seeing her, but seems like I am the only one with a 9 'til 5 job amongst all our friends in Kyoto and so our holidays all inconveniently fall on different days. I also finally managed to give her some trousers that desperately need fixing, as she is my sewing queen and they have holes in the crotch area. I don't think it has anything to do with mincing or porn-size endowment. Tomomi's theory is that Japanese men have fairly flat arses, thus the cut of the trousers here is quite different. Because I am of the fuller butt type, the crotch gets pulled up, causing more friction. Well it is annoying having lots of trousers that risk indecent exposure. Thanks sewing angel. I just noticed that when Tomomi stuck her head through the geisha picture, the sign below states 'since 1872'. Now Tomi may have a few years on me, but I am not sure she has that many. About the orange-haired old geezer...well it really takes all sorts for the world to go round, and after spotting him walking through town in a dress and carrying a doll, Tomomi insisted on getting her picture taken. Rather than stealing one, she walked up and asked him to pose and he gladly agreed. He shook our hands and seemed quite amiable and chatty. No reason that he shouldn't have been really. Of course he has his reasons for dressing up in drag, and he could still be as mad as a hatter, but he was entertaining if nothing else. Shooting the shit and watching the world go by is the perfect way to spend a muggy, sweaty Kyoto day. For all those people that consider the Japanese a good-looking, smartly dressed and fashionable race, I say to you HA! Friday must indeed be freaky, because everyone I spotted looked as if they had rolled in their closet until clothes stuck to them, as if they had chosen sizes nine times too big for them, or if they were off to work on some street corner. Summer fashion really is about looking cheap. Fine by me. I had to put these gaudy gold and silver Converse trainers down, though not through bad taste, but the fact they were £100 a pair. Yikes. I bought my sandals for a fiver.

those gold and silver trainers are NOT Converse! they are PATRICK!!!!
The gold pair look much better and more attractive in the pic than I saw them in the shop.
I would buy them if they were much much cheaper!!
I had a really very nice afternoon with you K!! Thanx!!!!!!
I’m still thinking about what PEACE means to me the Uni students asked us though….
tomomi - 23 06 06 - 14:48

Oh yes. We got stopped by three uni art students who were doing a project about peace. They were asking Kyotoites what peace meant to them, and what we should do to create a more peaceful world. Actually it was quite hard writing a comment and being put on the spot like that.
Ultimately it is an almost impossible thing to resolve as I don’t believe universal peace is possible. There is no historic precedent for it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the world a better place.
I hope they succeed in making their project worthwhile. The artwork of flowers growing out of guns and tanks was very good. They even gave us some sunflower seeds for us to grow.

Oh I am so sorry. Patrick, not Converse. What a foolish mistake to make. How could I ever get the two sports shoe companies mixed up! No Tomomi, the shoes are as hideous in the photo as in real life. Unless you work at a circus, forget it. Hahahaaa.

Thanks for today. Now get sewing!
Ki (Email) - 23 06 06 - 15:05

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