京のキー Fish bowl world, guinea pigs and nut cases

Fish bowl world, guinea pigs and nut cases

Yes, it's back! Big Brother and hours of dull footage just to catch the briefest glimpse of an argument, a decent conversation or flash of romance (in the loosest sense of the word). Drama queens, tosspots, social misfits, militants, racists, homophobes, mental cases and the all too rare 'nice' one. So here is my threadbare argument for watching. I missed this cultural oddity first time around and it was only last year that I got to watch it for the first time. It is a strange slice of Blighty, reminding me of home when every Japanese program seems to involve b-list celebrities being tested on how little they know and commercials with the most annoying jingles in history. Ok so really there is no excuse to tune in, though it is just about the right length to exercise through. This year has been a lot of fun already with noone I would immediately vaporise. The usual group of stereotypes (a sexist, beauty queen, cockney lad, gay Canadian, dumb blonde, big boobed lass, northern cow, toff, Liverpudlian etc...), plus a guy who suffers Tourretes (already odds on to win).
One thing that is unmissable is the quick witted, droll and half barking-mad Russell Brand, who hosts Big Brother's Big Mouth. As a talk show it works so well because it takes none of the Big Brother experience seriously and instead makes fun of everyone and everything. Surprisingly risque when most shows would back off. Unlike previous years, there seems to be a calmer atmosphere to the house, with people, if not instantly likeable, at least tolerable. Already one man has walked (the bizarre and very gay Shahbaz, who literally fell apart on TV whilst creating drama from every single situation, monologuing to cameras all the time) and romance has sprung up. And what of the mystery last housemate? The golden ticket hidden in the lucky Kitkat (debatable) has yet to be found. With more people than ever before on air for more weeks than ever before, it sure is going to get dull and boring. But maybe, just maybe this year will prove an acception to the rule. Yes, I admit it. I will be tuning in most days after work.

Well, not convinced by your arguments for watching BB – but then neither are you by the sound of it! Am loving your misspelling of Tourette though – picturing a guy with massive towers growing out of his head is almost worth tuning in for!!! But not quite. xx
Louisa (Email) - 25 05 06 - 13:30

Oh my GOD! I tried to be so careful. I googled it and a huge list with that spelling came up so I thought it must be right. I thought it sounded a bit castle like, but then it is named after a French guy so I assumed that was why. NOOOOOOOO. I will change immediately. Should leave it so that your comment makes sense, but now am blushing.
Am watching BB now. Hahahaha.
Ki (Email) - 25 05 06 - 13:37

Hee hee. I’ll leave you alone now to your blushing – off to bully the Audit Commission instead!! Might even manage to e-mail you tonight to make up for being such a meanie….
Louisa (Email) - 25 05 06 - 13:40

Ki, it’s by no means the most beautiful or comprehensive of dictionaries, but is much better than trusting the ramblings of a thousand blogs returned through google ;)

(in firefox, of course, just type ‘dict’ followed by the word you want in the address bar at the top, and it’ll take you straight there.
Rhod - 26 05 06 - 15:50

Oh condescending one, I was in fact googling to read about Tourettes so that I understood it a little better. If you check my tabs at the top of the screen you will in fact see that I have a dictionary all ready to go. The fact that I didn’t use it is more down to trusting an entire site dedicated to Tourettes that still managed to spell it wrong.
Cranky Rhod!
Any mention of a crime against spelling or grammar and he goes in for the kill.
Ki (Email) - 26 05 06 - 15:54

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