京のキー Double Whammy of Pain

Double Whammy of Pain

I don't really know what the whole 'whammy' thing is about, but I certainly had a double one today.

Last night, on my one day off of the crunchy week, I started to feel shivers and a painful throat. Around bedtime, I felt like I was ingesting glass every time I swallowed. When Ki was leaving for work this morning, I was feeling shakey and unslept, but still able to face a working day (in favour of losing a day's holiday, as is The Japanese Way). That was until about five minutes after he left, when, in the darkness, I started to see lights. The migraine had probably been going for about ten minutes by that point, but as I couldn't see, I couldn't see that I couldn't see ;)

So, that was the last straw. No work for me today. After four or five hours of aching, sweating, shivering, coughing, throwing up, wretching, wretching some more, forcing down unrecommended quantities of aspirin, and then some nice medicinal coffee, I started to be able to move around upright. SHEESH. Just when you think these things are all in the past, you know?

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but it's therapeutic. Other than this painful blip, everything has been going very well. Work is on-schedule (though said schedule is very, very tight and days like today don't help). Ki has been re-arranging the house in a Spring Clean Frenzy, leading to a somewhat streamlined existence. The weather is picking up, and yesterday I managed to cram a whole load of fun into my day off, prior to my body shut-down. Highlights of this week are few, as mostly it will be worky worky, but come Saturday, it just might be that I can procure a DS Lite for myself. Maybe. Provided there aren't further stock issues. And stuff.

Poor Mister Rhod, I diagnose over-work. Now get off the computer!
Tom (Email) (URL) - 07 03 06 - 11:16

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