Rheebie and Egg

A couple of photos of Esti (who thinks she is a dog, loves sitting in the bath and frolicking in the rain) looking much like the lions in Trafalgar Square, and Rhea (the ancient boss of the Griffiths family) looking like she is about to shoot death-rays out of her eyes.

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Snowy English Village

Because it is home I rarely look about the tiny village where my mum and dad live. But opening these pictures my dad sent today, it is funny now I see how pretty England can be. Bradfield always looks amazing in the snow, though it is quaint and almost stereotypically English, nestled on the hilly side of the Stour Valley. Kyoto has the mountains and ancient temples and gardens, but it is more often than not an ugly mess of concrete and electric cables...England still remains quite picturesque in many places. There is something almost refreshing about Britain at times. Please go to the gallery to have a look at more pictures taken by my dad on one of his many dog walking expeditions

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As my Paps gets to grips with his digital camera, he sent me this picture of our home in England. Makes me realise how much time has passed, as the pine trees are massive and the house has subtly changed. It is about time I flew back for a holiday. Looking quite seasonal in the photo, though Spring has come to Kyoto already.

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Akko and the Zombies

Akko types to save the world from killer Zombies. As you can see it's been a slow day, sheltering from the pouring rain and the excesses of alcohol, shooting games (Misako kicked my ass again) and Hip Hop.

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Jol's Leaving Party

Misako gets lecherous.
Shu attacks.
And Akko...well Akko doesn't quite understand the concept of having her picture taken.

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Rhod, me, Erik, Mi-chan, Teruo, Akko, Naomi and some other little dudes on one of those Purikura things...quite cleverly sent straight to my cellphone.

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The Art of War

Misako takes matters into her own hands. There will be no more queuing for this girl.

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Danger System

This Amazing Story has opened my eyes about the dangers of the internet.

I mean, of course, the horrible dangers presented to uninformed parents, as scaremongering news corporations scramble to generate a headline out of absolutely nothing. The fine people at GameSetWatch have put out a comprehensive, amusing analysis, and in a perfect world, everyone would read that, and not the trashy, under-researched, paranoid ramblings that 6ABC News have put up.

Perhaps the thing that annoys me the most is that Nintendo is the company that has gone to the greatest lengths to make sure their system is anonymous, safe, and not a hunting ground for internet child predators. There are many concerning, potentially dangerous things about online play, but they certainly don't apply to a totally anonymous, chat-free, simple online matching system. FUME.

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You know you need to stop oversleeping when...

...yesterday's underwear comes out the bottom of your trouser leg during a meeting at work.

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Arashiyama at Dusk

Misako and Rhod posing for Kyoto Journal Winter Edition in Arashiyama.

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Wrestling with the Devil

'Tis that season where upon the fattest teacher is hounded out, stripped down, dunked in red paint, garbed in a leopard skin loin cloth and sent out to terrorise the students. They in turn hurl dried beans at him, bombarding him until he turns and flees from the classroom. In this way he is driven from the school, his big club unsuccessful in crushing a single child. Miserably he watches as the children, so young and tasty, eat their age in beans, plus one. There was a time when the head of a sturgeon fish would be hung up on the boughs of holly to protect such abodes, but greedy sushi corporations have turned the whole thing into a more cute holiday. Many families eat sushi wrapped in seaweed on this day, but it has no basis in tradition. And so, it's in this way that we celebrate Setsubun here.

The puppet show at the near-by shrine was most interesting, as crowds of people flung beans at the Japanese oni (demons). By opening the doors of your house and tossing beans outside, you are driving all the misfortune and bad luck outside, sealing the good luck inside. Families eat sushi and roasted beans, and that poor old red devils have an awful time fleeing from their nice cosy hiding places. Little chance of them feasting on tasty younglings today.

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Rhod and Ki's tour of life in Kyoto, Japan.


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